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A boudoir photoshoot can heal oneself. It’s a way to reconnect, reclaim experiences/your body, and gain confidence in yourself. I asked Sarah to talk more about her experience and life journey that lead her into booking a boudoir session for herself. Please read more of her story below. Tigger warning- sexual assault. What inspired you […]

A boudoir photoshoot can heal | KC Boudoir

A boudoir photoshoot can heal -Blue lingerie dress - KC Boudoir Photographer - Curvy human boudoir photos - Madera Studios
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One of my favorite things from being a KC boudoir photographer is getting to work with other photographers. I get to geek out a little bit and talk shop all while taking beautiful photos of them. Shauna drove in from out of town to spend the day with me at my KC boudoir studio and […]

Shauna’s Experience | KC Boudoir Photographer

KC Boudoir Photographer - Curvy woman boudoir photos - Madera Studios
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Being one of Kansas City’s Boudoir Photographer, doesn’t mean we only work with women from KC. We have a lot of clients that will travel in for their session. Today’s post is one of those that traveled in. Her and her mother drove in from Omaha, NE and had their sessions on different days back […]

Kansas City’s Boudoir Photographer

Black lace robe boudoir photos - kc boudoir- Madera Studios
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Ok, now that you’ve booked your boudoir session, what do you need to do to prepare for it? Everybody asks that, and it can be kind of nerve-racking. There are tons of nerves and emotions leading up to a boudoir session, and that’s ok! I’m here to help!  I wrote down some guidelines and suggestions to […]

Preparing for your Boudoir Experience

Best KC Boudoir Photographer. Boudoir photo with gold satin sheets. Madera Studios.
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You deserve to have the best of the best when it comes to your album. Which is why I work with a company in Portugal to design your album. They custom build each album to last and are beautifully handcrafted pieces. They have over 70 cover options to pick from ranging from linen, leather and […]

Luxury Albums from Portugal and why you need one

Luxury Boudoir Albums from KC Boudoir Photographer
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This is a great question and one I get asked from time to time.  It’s not always the easiest to put into words because the boudoir experience itself is emotional and one you really have to feel in order to truly understand.  It’s also a big part of who I am as a human and […]

Why I chose Boudoir Photography : KC Boudoir

KC Boudoir Photographer why I chose boudoir photography
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I asked Lauren to write about her experience doing a boudoir session at my studio in Kansas City and she graciously said yes! She has such a wonderful perspective on life and doing the boudoir experience. What frustrations or hesitations were you experiencing when looking for a boudoir photographer? “Finding someone that captured the natural […]

Lauren’s Boudoir Experience : KC Boudoir Photographer

KC Boudoir Photographer- Top KC Boudoir Photos - Emily Lynn Boudoir
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Often when I’m nervous or scared I will make an excuse for why I can’t do something.  Sometimes it feels safer to stay in the less scary lane right?  However, what I have learned is that we truly figure out who we are when we step into that uncomfort because from that we make great […]

Let’s bust excuses about doing a boudoir session

KC Boudoir Photographer
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When I asked Cindy about her boudoir experience and if she’d like me to share her story she quickly said yes! Cindy is an incredibly amazing woman whose energy fills up the room when she walks in.  She walked into my studio with the biggest smile and I knew we were going to be instant […]

The Boudoir Experience From Her Perspective

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The thought of a boudoir experience can be really scary and slightly intimidating. When talking with women about their upcoming sessions, I’m asked loads of great questions.  I thought it would be a great idea to answer the most frequently asked questions. Do you share my images? I’m incredibly picky about this and your comfort […]

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photo Sessions

KC-Boudoir-Photographer-Emily-Lynn-Boudoir- most frequently asked questions about boudoir photography