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Kansas City, MO Luxury Boudoir Studio located in the West Bottoms & ran by Emily Steele.

Claim your                          with a

                    self-confidence                     boudoir photoshoot experience.

Claim your                          with a

boudoir photoshoot experience.

Hi! I'm 


I'm the goofy red-head behind the phone, emails and camera. I like to keep things simple, fun and honest. 

I spent years studying posing down to the tiniest of details. Each expression from the body reflects certain emotions and it's important that we are expressing things such as confidence, empowerment, and sexy. 

My personal goal is that you leave your session a different and better version of yourself. I want you to have more self confidence, self-worth, and a little skip in your step when you leave from your session.

I'm the boss applesauce, as my niece would say. 

One hair and makeup look is included from the best luxury artist in Kansas City, MO.

No need to wait weeks to see your images. View and order your images the same day as your session. 

3 outfit changes during your session along with guided posing that aims to flatter and empower.  

As the only session that day you will have total privacy with an all female staff.

We have everything taken care of for you!

You are                                            
Fear                  holds you back. 
You are                

confident, sexy, & powerful.


no longer

You are                                                       
Fear                        holds you back. 
You are                  

confident, sexy, & powerful.

no longer


"I gotta tell you... It's been 4 months since my session and I'm still freaking out about how much I love my photos. I don't think I've ever felt so beautiful in photos until my boudoir pics. -V"


Hair and makeup is included with your session. Check out the before and afters below. 


Check out the interior design of the studio space below.

The Studio

"Emily is fabulous to work with! I’ve shot with her several times and the images are always beautiful. Her knowledge of posing women of all shapes and sizes is a huge forte which really sets her photos apart from many other boudoir photographers in the area."

- Dr. Amber Botros

"Book Emily, you won’t be disappointed!"

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- Go over entire process start to finish for your boudoir session
- Answer any & all questions
- Full pricing information
- Ability to book your session online

Sessions are available Tuesdays-Thursdays starting at 10am and ending around 2:30pm. 

Complete the form below to learn more about the boudoir experience and book your session today. 

Thank you so much for reaching out! I'm very excited to chat with you further. 

I'll respond to you as soon as I can. Be sure to check your email in all folders and potentially your cell phone as well :) 

Talk soon!


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