Hi! I'm 


I'm the goofy red-head behind the phone, emails and camera. I like to keep things simple, fun and honest. 

I spent years studying posing down to the tiniest of details. Each expression from the body reflects certain emotions and it's important that we are expressing things such as confidence, empowerment, and sexy. 

My personal goal is that you leave your session a different and better version of yourself. I want you to have more self confidence, self-worth, and a little skip in your step when you leave from your session.

I'm the boss applesauce, as my niece would say. 

Oddly, I'm known for my red hair and loud laugh. Apparently it's pretty easy to find me in a crowded room. ;)


I want to own a French Chateau one day. Imagine the photos from the picturesque windows!


If I have a bad day, my go to response is to find something I'm grateful for or do a selfie boudoir session.


In December 2019 I spent 10 days at a silent retreat meditating 10 hours a day. It was intense.


I have been taking photos for 17 years.  In the boudoir business for 8 years. 


My two dogs are the funniest, weirdest, best pups I know. I want to be the human they know I am. 


Fun facts about Emily

Here are a few

Mikayla --->
One of the knowledgeable and talented artists. She will collaborate with you 100%. If you want a fresh face no makeup look, all out glam or somewhere in the middle, it's yours... 

She's the head honcho behind White Carpet Bride.  It's a team of artists that travel to you for hair and makeup all across the Kansas City area.

She'll do one dry hair look plus full makeup with false eye lashes as well. 

Hair & Makeup Artists

I would be lost without them

The Team

Alyssa --->
She's the right hand woman with Mikayla at White Carpet Bride. She's been in the business for a dozen years & believes in being a life long learner, always adding new techniques and products to her skillset. 

She will happily chat with you about your style, goals for hair & makeup and overall look you're going for. 

She'll do one dry hair look plus full makeup with false eye lashes as well.

"Not only did I love the photos I receive back... I also loved the whole experience. During the photoshoot Emily made me feel beautiful, confident and we had a lot of fun. We were constantly laughing and just having a great time. She is very professional and stays true to her world. Her photos are clean and timeless. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I will definitely be recommending her to all my family and friends!!"


- Shelby